Pacifica, March 9, 2005
High Surf Advisory
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photos by Alan Grinberg

The Pacifica Pier, closed for the day.
Buoys offshore were measuring 20 - 25 foot swells.

Down at Mavericks, a few miles south of here, home of big wave surfing, these waves were known as "The Big Ugly".

Catch me if you can. (notice the rainbow).


Houses on Beach Blvd. 9:57 a.m.
Hide and Seek
KPIX/CBS news videographer. "Eyewitness News". Their story
The camerwoman must have wished she had an underwater housing for the camera, and maybe a dry set of clothes in the truck. That evening, on the news, the announcer warned viewers to never turn your back to the ocean.
Waiting for the next big one.

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