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Beijing, China

photos by Alan Grinberg

"Zhong Guo"
Gate of Supreme Harmony (?), Imperial Palace Museum, Forbidden City,  Beijing, China

The search for truth in China (Zhong Guo) can be obscured by illusion. Is that really the Gate of Supreme Harmony behind the scrim? Or is it merely a visual representation of the building printed on the scrim?

Is China preserving the past or rewriting history? In the present, does one see what is really there? Does the future hold the renovations of history, or is China creating it's own, unique form of the future?

In 23 days I took about 2360 photos. I stored the images on a Wolverine 100 gig portable hard disk/card reader device, which worked very well.

"Courtyard of the Hall of Supreme Harmony"

Unusual blue sky in Beijing.

"The Tiananmen Two"

As I was taking a panoramic series of photos in Tiananmen Square, these 2 guys watched with great interest. I know they were tourists too; the camera was a giveaway. I invited them over to see what I was doing. They spoke no English, and I ran into my first frustration of the trip - not being able to communicate! We used rough hand signals, and were able to take pictures with various combinations of people. I like their "glow", and still wonder where they were from and what kind of life they had.

"Two Windows: The Summer Palace"

The Summer Palace in the northern part of Beijing was the summer home to the Emperor. It has many windows of varying shapes. The weather was hot, and a cold soda and a place to sit was a great relief.

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