Equipment used for the Utah photos by Alan Grinberg.
May 28, 2005 - June 9, 2005

Canon Powershot Pro1
Gitzo G026 Tripod with G1175 Ball Head
1 Gig Flash Card
iPod and Belkin Media Reader to store photos

Jeep Laredo HCV

I took 1,499 photos on the 2 week trip.
The "slide show" has been edited down to 157 photos.
The web site displays 38 photos.

All photos have been cropped and optimized for display using Photoshop CS.
I used iPhoto to help with the edit and arranging of the photos.
The web site was built with Adobe GoLive Version 7.
The computer is a G4 Macintosh Cube with Cinema Display.

Thanks to Mary Janowitz for taking charge of the logistics of the trip.

I can be contact by e-mail:

alan (at)

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