photos by Alan Grinberg

"The Gathering: Cormorants and Dolphins"

No so artistic, but a wonder!

May 29, 2:26 pm.

Canon Rebel 350XT
200 mm f2.8 L II (320 mm equivalent)
1/1000th Sec, f/6.3

"3 and 1"

Remember those Cormorants from last week? Still "hanging" out!

This would have been an easy "Photoshop job", a merge of 2 pictures. It's not. It's a real moment in time.

June 4, 4:36 pm.

Canon Rebel 350XT
200 mm f2.8 L II (320 mm equivalent)
1/640th Sec, f/6.3

"Watercolor Sunset"

This is more typical of a winter sky.

June 1, 8:25 pm.
Pacifica, San Francisco

Canon Rebel 350XT
80 mm (128 mm)
1/200th Sec, f/5.6

"Father's Day",
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Washington, DC

June 18, 12:02 pm.

In the full resolution photo you can read the names on the wall.
Not a happy moment for Father's Day

Canon Rebel 350XT
EFS 17-85 mm
1/200th Sec; f/8
(ISO 400 by accident, but extra grain in the granite does not matter!)
Focal Length: 85 mm (136 mm equivalant)

Sunset Cast
Potomac River, just below Great Falls, MD

June 16, 4:33 pm.

Canon Rebel 350XT
200 mm (320 mm equivalent)
1/2000th Sec, f/10
ISO 400 (should have been lower - too many buttons!)

Photo by Alan Grinberg

I will be off-line for the next 4 weeks, as I will be fishing for some more photographs on a large island in the North Atlantic Ocean, just south of the Arctic Circle.
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