photos by Alan Grinberg

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"Sunrise on Mount San Jacinto: Panorama"
Small version

Doral Desert Princess Resort, Palm Springs, California
Event: OmnisCentral America Conference

August 30, 2006
6:32 am, PDT

Canon Powershot Pro1
1/125th sec, f/3.2
Panorama Merge of 9 Pictures.
Final picture is 41.3 Megapixels (about 19 feet or 6 meters long on your monitor!)

"Sunrise on Mount San Jacinto: Panorama"

"At 8800 Feet, False Hellebore"

Taken from the south side of Mt. Tallac, Lake Tahoe area, Sierra Nevada, California
View SW towards Pyramid Peak, Crystal Range.

September 9, 2006, 3:32 pm

Multiple exposure and manual high dyamic range merge of 2 photos in order to capture
the blue sky and the backlit plants. One could argue that this photo is "not real", but it is
what I saw when lying down among the plants.

By the way, anyone know what these plants are? I've heard "Mule Ears", but am not convinced
that is the correct identification.
* Since identified as False Hellebore.

I hiked to the top of Mt. Tallac (9735 feet) and was greeted by 8 yakking women having a
self-actualization session, 4 male cell phone users, and 3 dogs (fortunately not barking).
The walk to the top (5+ miles one way, 3,200 feet altitude gain) was far better than the
"peak experience".

Canon Rebel 350XT
17 - 85 mm zoom (@ 17 mm, 27 mm equivalent)
1/250th Sec + 1/640th Sec, f/8
ISO 100

"Fog Fest Waves"

September 23, 2006, 11:00 am

You might not expect that the waves in Pacifica would look like this, and it also may be surprising that
during the Pacifica "Fog Fest" there are such harsh shadows. Quite a change from 8800 Feet, but it still
has some nice autumn colors.

Canon Rebel 350XT
200 mm (320 mm equivalent)
1/640th Sec, f/7.1
ISO 200

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