Photography by Alan Grinberg

"My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been."

Diane Arbus

Flickr The ongoing story of my adventure with photography.
India 2012 A Flickr Set, Work in Progress.
Burning Man 2012 A Flickr Set, Work in Progress.
Mt Whitney 2009, Summit, via the West Side
Farallon Islands 2007, 27 Miles West of San Francisco
China 1 2007, Beijing
China 2 2007, Guilin, Yangshuo
China 3 2007, Lijiang, Yunnan Province
Iceland 1 2006, Landmannalaugar, Víknaslódir
Iceland 2 2006, Hvitserkur, Dyrfjoll, Storurd
Canada 1 2005, Glacier, Yoho, Banff, Jasper.
Canada 2 2005, Wells Gray Provincial Park.
Utah 2005, Dry Heat: dessert in the desert.
2004, plus the famous "Golden Pigeon" award.
2004, The Prince and the Eye
A wee bit of outdoor adventure South of the Equator
Cuzco, Salcantay, Santa Teresa, Machu Picchu
Mt. Blanc
A Long Walk around a Large Mountain: France, Italy, and Switzerland
Grand Canyon
"The world is an illusion created by a conspiracy of our senses." -Roger Penrose
A few days in the City of Light. (One large web page)
A few more days in London (Another large web page)
One big volcano
Living in the US of A...
Revolutionary Urban Living, San Francisco, 1970's
Heavenly Urban Living, San Francisco
Historic retreat on Cape Cod, MA
The Pacific Ocean, my big backyard
Practice makes perfect. See Flickr.
"A thing is not what you say it is or what you photograph it to be or what you paint it to be or what you sculpt it to be. Words, photographs, paintings, and sculptures are symbols of what you see, think, and feel things to be, but they are not the things themselves." Wynn Bullock
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